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Linear Robot
> Reliable security, due to its pending installation and perfect 
action process, in production and use, there is no need to open 
the safety door, greatly improving security.
> Hand-held box in Chinese, easy to operate, easy to understand, 
the unique roller knob above, specially for the use of adjusting 
machine test, greatly facilitates the debugging of the new die, 
built-in 2G storage and external USB socket, can more humane 
fine management documents, completely save the debugging 
of the cold die, attack a powerful control system, with fouraxis/six-axis synchronous movement. (Linear, arc difference 
compensation) imported servo motor, high precision rack, 
gear, fast running speed, up to 30,000 mm/S, high repetitive 
positioning accuracy, greatly improving production efficiency.
> Professional for the die casting site of the harsh environment to 
do full-enclosed protection, protection up to IP65, more stable, 
long-term durability
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